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Thanks Dr. Lo and Team. Thank you for perservering with my shoulder to get it right again.

I was referred to Dr. Lo after my shoulder fracture. He did surgery for my arm and now my arm is recovering well. It is now better than my other shoulder :)

Dr. Lo’s team is awesome. Sarah is amazing. The staff remembers my name and treats me like family!

I had a bad rotator cuff injury. Dr. Lo operated on my shoulder. After surgery I still have pain in this shoulder. But this is much better than before surgery. I love Dr. Lo. He is a great doctor.

I had reverse shoulder replacement done with Dr. Lo. One was done 6 months after the other. I was so happy with my arm, so I had the other one done. I am now 2 years after surgery. No pain! and I went back to my normal life without limitations.

I had surgery 6 months ago and now my shoulder is better

My mother had a shoulder rotator cuff tear. Dr. Lo told us that this was severe and needed surgery. He talked us through the process patiently. My mother then had the shoulder replacement and now has no pain. Thanks Dr. Lo!

I had shoulder surgery with a different doctor but never got better. I had pain for another year. now my arm is fixed and back to normal!

Great doctor! He fixed my rotator cuff and provided terrific follow up.

I had had a previous reverse shoulder arthroscopy that after 8 years had failed me. I was referred to Dr. Lo by another Sports Medicine doctor in Dallas, TX. I booked an appt. with Dr. Lo and found him to be caring, competent and collaborative. He is very easy to talk to, explains procedures and follow through well and is a very good surgeon. My results were very good taking into account that I had had previous surgery and that my original accident and follow up by my G.P. was less than optimal. I am fortunate that I have full mobility of my shoulder and a minimal but ever present amount of discomfort at the surgical site, which is a huge step up from the results of the previous surgeon's attempt at reconstruction.

Dr Lo performed my third spinal fusion. He removed all of the previous hardware and perform the third spinal fusion. Before my surgery, with heavy pain meds, I was at a constant level 8 on pain. It has been a Year and a half and I am back to skiing, hunting, shooting my bow daily and cycling. The best surgeon around. He will listen to everything you say.

I work for the San Francisco Fire Dept working on all their Fire Engines and Ladder Trucks. If I can go back to doing that, can you imagine what you can do?

Dr. Eddie Y. Lo is a wonderful doctor and surgeon. His personality is very calming and he knows his stuff!! I recommend him and his staff 😊

I can't express how grateful I am to have Dr Lo as my doctor. I tore my ACL playing tennis, and Dr Lo did my surgery to repair the meniscus & replace the ACL. He's done a tremendous job -- 6 months post op, I feel great and eager (a little too eager) to get back on the tennis court! Not only is he a great surgeon, but he's knowledgeable and keeps up to date with current medical practice & research so that you always receive the best care. Additionally, his office staff is incredibly amazing and so SO accommodating -- they helped me immensely with the mess of paperwork that I had to deal with for insurance, medical leave, etc. I don't honestly know how I would have navigated all of it without them. Bottom line: I highly recommend Dr Lo and, as much as I hope this doesn't happen, would certainly return to him in the event of another injury.

Ps. He also loves dogs, which automatically makes him a good person

My experience with Dr. Lo was extraordinary and I would highly recommend him. After falling three steps onto a marble floor and breaking my hip I was taken to Seton Medical Center in Daly City far away from my home and orthopedic surgeon in San Jose. In the midst of my pain I had a decision to make. Do I endure an ambulance ride to my doctor and hospital close to my home or do I stay at Seton under the care of an orthopedic surgeon I didn’t know? I decided to stay and it was a decision for which I will always be thankful.

Dr. Lo is a competent, confident and compassionate doctor who took the time to respond to my questions and fears and ensured that I was as comfortable as possible while waiting for surgery to be performed the next morning. His pre-surgery demeanor gave me confidence and for the first time in my life I wasn’t afraid to say goodbye to my companions and place my life and, literally, my limb in a surgeon’s hands. I was most impressed with Dr. Lo for his bedside demeanor after the surgery. He had the patience to answer my questions and respond to my needs even in my less than clear state of mind

Dr. Lo’s continued care and management of my pain while in the hospital was exceptional and his patient-focused attitude continues during my aftercare.

I would highly recommend Dr. Lo for any orthopedic service he offers – whether it is one that you have planned or not! Sister Margaret Louise Brown

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